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Summary of AUTO-MP Conditions

Use of the rented car

    • Unlimited kilometers of usage in Thailand.

    • No sublease or transfer of leasehold right without written consent.

    • No hauling other vehicle or other hauling vehicle.

    • No racing, rallying or joining any other sport events.

    • No transportation of illegal goods and / or being involved in illegal matters.

    • No modification and / or change of parts without written consent.

    • No driving by those who under influence of alochol or drugs


    • Having valid driving license of at least one year.

    • Age between 23-60 years.

Rent Induded

    • Annual registration fee.

    • Repair & maintenance costs.

    • Insurance premium.

    • Car replacement of maximum 30 days/year.

    • Fuel. (Full tank of gasoline when delivered and the same when returned)

    • Parking fee, toll fee, traffic fine and other legal violation.

Rental deposit

    • Equivalent to two months of rental charge.

    • Will be refunded at the end of the contract.

Renter's responsibility

    • Deductible is case the renter found guilty and / or unable to report the other party in accident (THB 3,000.- per accident)

    • Completely or substantially loss or damage of the rented vehicle which is unrepairable at the renter fault.

Termination of the contract

    • Automatically terminated if the rented vehicle is lost or severe damage at unrepairable condition.

    • The renter breaches the contract.