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The Right choice for value and economy
When you decide on BSL Leasing’s Auto Maintenance Lease Program (AUTO-MP), you are not just choosing another car rental service. Besides helping you to eliminate personnel and operating costs associated with fleet management, we also make sure that you save money on a whole range of related expenses like insurance, maintenance and repairs, annual registration fees, providing substitute vehicles when necessary, and more, while charging only a monthly rate.

Auto-MP offers benefits and advantages that you will want to consider

    • All of our vehicles are given constant attention by our expert maintenance team.
    • Every vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance from a leading insurer, and is backed up by a replacement in the event that it becomes unusable.
    • Monthly payments are tax deductible.
    • Monthly payments remain the same through out the duration of a contract. Cash flow is predictable corresponding to the company budget.
    • Leasing rather than purchasing vehicles means that no large investment is necessary and capital can be used for other company activities.
    • Lease contracts can be renewed, so that vehicles can be replaced to meet company needs.


Special services you will appreciate

BSL Leasing’s highly-skilled staff is ready to provide you with quick, convenient service. The leased cars will be brand new and maintained by first class service centers according to manufacturer’s standard. BSL Leasing’s service includes many additional attractive features: 
    • Countrywide service from our customer service center.
    • Chauffeurs can be provided for leased vehicles.
    • Choice of vehicles type to meet specific requirements.
    • Full comprehensive insurance coverage.
    • Option to purchase the vehicle is available, if needed.