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  • AUTO-MP’s monthly service charge will include car cost, registration fee, annual tax, insurance premium, repair & maintenance cost, and car replacement, excluding chauffeur and fuel expenses.


  • Lessee will only be responsible for fixed monthly lease payment, fuel expenses, traffic violation fine (if any), parking fee, toll fee, tire patching expense, car cleaning and waxing.


  • Unlimited mileage of use in Thailand


  • BSL will deliver the leased car at the office of the lessee at the beginning of the contract without any charge, including picking it up at the end of the contract.  This also applies to car replacement cases.


  • Fuel:  BSL, at the beginning of the contract, will deliver the car with full tank of fuel and at the end of the contract the lessee shall return the leased car with full tank of fuel as well.


  • Leased car will be delivered as per manufacturer’s standard, with sun screen film, and after the end of the contract the lessee shall return the leased car at the same condition as being delivered, except normal wear and tear.


  • Generally there will be insurance deducible of THB 3,000. -  per accident if the lessee found guilty and/or unable to report a liable party.


  • The first monthly lease payment is required on the date of delivery of the leased car at the beginning of the contract, and then the following monthly payments should be arranged within the end of each month.


  • Monthly leased expenses can be deducted as expenses at the maximum of THB 36,000. – per month ( including VAT), according to the Revenue Department.


  • Purchase option of the leased car is possible but the lessee has to initially notify BSL therefore the purchase option will be determined at the beginning of the contract.


  • Regular maintenance will be provided in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance manual at the car dealer’s service centers.

  • Regular maintenance at a certain mileage will be arranged by forwarding the lessee “Repair Order” to present to the selected service center at his convenient time. No payment is needed.

  • Or otherwise maintenance can be arranged by notifying BSL and setting appointment to pick up the leased car to have service done at the service center.

  • Repair & maintenance can be done with “Repair Order” issued by BSL only.


  • Replacement car: 

  • Replacement car will be provided if the repair & maintenance work takes longer than one day.

  • Replacement car will be available of not more than 30-day a year and cannot be accumulated.  If replacement car is required of more than 30-day/year, daily prorated rate is applied (one month is 30 days).


  • No modification of the leased car is allowed.  Any sticker put on the leased car that may lead to any damages will be responsible by the Lessee at actual cost.


  • At the end of the contract, the leased car shall be returned at the same condition as it has been delivered, except normal wear & tear.  Late returning of the leased car is subject to additional charge, daily rental charge


  • Service centers in a certain location, especially in provincial areas, can also be arranged as per the Lessee requirement.  “Max Auto Express” is also included in AUTO-MP list of service centers.


  • Non-specified driver name in the insurance policy is offered as the Agreement is done on corporate basis.


  • The Lessee will be provided one set of the leased car key(s).


  • The Agreement shall be automatically terminated if the leased car lost or has any severe accident to be considered as total lose. 


  • All prices quoted are VAT excluded.


For more information/ inquiries, please contact our Customer Service at 0-2670-4700 ext. 6

or AUTO-MP Hot Line at 0-9925-3220 and 0-9925-3273